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India ready for Mission on moon:ISRO scientist upbeat

India Government has   given a green signal for the manned mission to moon called Chandrayan mission.

India plans to send an unmanned spacecraft to the moon by 2008 and has begun to study technologies needed to send an astronaut to space.

 We have the capabilities and discussions will be held on how to harness resources to accomplish the mission,” an Indian Space Research Organisation official said.

The United States has revived a programme to send a man to the moon by 2020, while China has announced plans to land on the moon around the same time.

Scientists from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Indian Institute of Science, National Aerospace Laboratories, Defence Research and Development Organisation and Institute of Aerospace Medicine are creating a consensus to go in for a manned mission.

 Manned mission to space would cost about Rs10,000 crore, while sending a man to the moon would be costlier.

“ISRO has completed all design activities for the mission. We are in the process of building special instruments required for the mission. ISRO had also designed a special three stage-tracking network to monitor the mission, when the spacecraft will be in orbit. A special ground station had been designed and would come up near Bangalore.

The spacecraft would keep on circling the moon and would send data, adding small equipment in the spacecraft would detach itself and descend to the moon surface. This would also send data. “Global players have declared that by 2020, they will have their bases on the moon. I don’t think India can afford to be lagging behind in that,” Indian Space Research Organisation Chairman said.

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Mussoorie Elections:Corruption major issue


Mussoorie: April 2nd 2008

A sleepy hill station town of Mussoorie woke up amidst drum beating and slogan shouting.

The greatest festival of democracy “Elections” were back in otherwise a non happening town, also known as “Queen OF Hills”, situated in Shivalik Ranges of Uttarakhand, Northern state of India, with the population of around 20,000/-.

It was day of filing nominations for the post of President/Chairman, Mussoorie Municipal Board, equivalent to Mayor of cities and the members/Councilors for the respective wards (11 in total).

The nomination process began with the President Elect of last term Man Mohan Singh Mall the candidate of  Indian National Congress Party, filing his nomination for the coveted post for the second time. He presented his papers on to the Election Officer the Sub-divisional Magistrate at around 12.30 p.m. for verification and allotment of symbol (Hand).

After the nomination process, the jubilant supporters marched in a procession towards Gandhi Chowk where the rally culminated.

Man Mohan Singh mall addressed the gathering and reiterated the fact that if elected again he would continue the Record breaking development work which were initiated by him in his previous tenure as the president Mussoorie.

However, the claims vehemently refuted by arch rival for the post of president O.P.Uniyal, a B.J.P Candidate the right wing Hindu Nationalist Party, filed his nomination on 30th April 2008, on party symbol (lotus).

Khajan Das the Member of legislative Assembly (M.L.A.) in the present B.J.P Government in the state came out in support of O.P.Uniyal asserting the fact that O.P.Uniyal was a man with clean image. He further stated that if elected he will be fully supported by the government in the state on all development issues of the town.

O.P.Uniyal blamed the congress candidate Man Mohan Singh Mall for the corruption in the board and systematic destruction of Mussoorie.

While addressing the large gathering of 2000 supporters at Gandhi Chowk he reminded the people of Mussoorie about the rampant corruption, exposed by the fellow congress, ward members in the previous regime.

Aggravating the chances of the sitting President Man Mohan Singh Mall, F.I.R was lodged at local police station against him for embezzlement of tax payer’s money by the revenue officials during his tenure.It is alleged that the corruption is worth 30 crores.

Refuted strongly by Man Mohan Singh Mall, “it is a conspiracy against me,” the whole issue has been fabricated to tarnish his image.

O.P.Uniyal the B.J.P Candidate (Symbol Lotus) for the post of president outlining his priority for the roadmap of development requested the common man to throw out the corrupt President.. He asked the gathered public to be the judge in deciding what kind of leader they need for their town.

“The nexus of real estate/Builder Mafia has led to distortion of the beautiful town Mussoorie. “The Queen of Hills” has become “Queen of ills” Under the rule of Man Mohan Singh Mall”. Said O.P.Uniyal.

Only the near and dear ones of the previous president have benefited via contracts for large infrastructure works taken up by the Municipal Board.

O.P. Uniyal further promised the people of Mussoorie that  he will stand along with the common man in his endeavor to reduce there hard ship in given times.

The priority will be to

  • generate employment
  • No favoritism
  • Develop the neglected areas for e.g. khatta pani, Jharipani which have not seen the daylight of development into tourist Hub.
  • Environment friendly development
  • Improve drinking water situation, by bringing Jal Swaraj policy
  • Make the Municipal Board More transparent in its working
  • To wage a war against corruption at all possible levels.
  • Providing youth with a Sports stadium.
  • Facilitating the poor women to open their own small scale industry.

In the end of his electoral speech O.P.Uniyal, thanked people for the support and they have shown towards him.

It is important to note that alleged corruption charges  against Manmohan Singh Mall are worth couple of crores.

However the awareness level of the voter of Mussoorie is immense and at the moment their silence has increased the heartbeat of the contestents.


Mussoorie: April 2nd 2008
School children under the age bracket of 9-16 from Tibetan Homes Foundation, Charleville converged on the school grounds to write letters Addressed to famous Bollywood Actor, Producer and Director Aamir Khan urging him to support the cause of Tibet by boycotting the Beijing Olympic Relay Torch in India. The Tibetan children were very much impressed with the actor/director’s latest film “Tare Zameen Par” a film about school kid facing problem.
Tenzing aged 10 excited by the proposition that the actor would read his letter eventually said, “I am great fan of Aamir Khan because he loves children and would definitely listen to our plea”.
Theru class V B student wrote, “Aamir Uncle we saw lots of your films and they are wonderful. Please support Tibetan People. We love you and boycott the Olympic Torch.”
A poster campaign in support of the Tibet Uprising was also carried out by few senior students depicted the plight of Tibetan back in Tibet. “The situation is very critical back home,” said one senior student referring to Tibet.
One student with an impressive hand wrote, “Dear Aamir uncle we all love you and you are lovely teacher in “Taare Zameen Par” we all are your big fans……..please support us by not taking the torch.
Artistic canvas painted red by the student’s depicted blood of the Tibetans during the ongoing struggle. One poster read “Everyone Is Free but Tibet Is In chains.”
Tenzing Palzor Geography teacher the in charge of the campaign informed the reporters that some of his students have lost their parents in the recent Lhasa oppression by Chinese authorities.
The Poster and Letter to Aamir Khan Campaign organized under the aegis of Regional Tibetan Youth Congress Mussoorie; The President Phurbu was also present.
It is not sure the celebrity actor will hear the plea but many students felt that the actor was sensitive towards the children issues and would give a thought to boycotting the Beijing Relay Torch.
Aamir Khan though has stated earlier in one of the reports that Olympic was not of China alone therefore it would be wrong in boycotting the Relay Torch.
However, as one placard written by the students sufficed;
The students in the end thanked Baichung Bhutia, Indian Football Captain for his decision to boycott the Beijing Olympic Relay Torch in India.

Rahul Gandhi Member Congress working Committee, General Secretary AICC In his  year, keeping one eye on general elections, 2009 or even before is on a tour of discovering . He called his tour “Discover India”. Well actually, it seems like a discovering voters in upcoming state elections scheduled later this year in respective states. His visit have been to tribal belt of Orissa, which was a traditional vote bank of the Indian National Congress Party but have been alienated due to the neglect of the respective congress government. This is the state, which has eluded congress party in government from last ten years. This tour is an effort to bring back, the disillusioned voters to the party manifold. Rajiv Gandhi, his father has also visited the area 12 years Rahul”s “discover  India”will involve touring the length and breadth of the country to enthuse the party workers and reaffirm the party men his enthronement at the top job of the party, as a successor of Sonia Gandhi the congress Party President.
While Rahul Gandhi discovers the people of the country were gearing up for unexpected commodity rises and high rate of inflammation
He and his government should check inflation and rise in commodity prices instead of touring,” said one housewife when she was asked about his discover India.
The prices of primary articles have increased by 6.9 percent over the corresponding week of the last month while fuel prices have risen by 5.4 percent because of increase in the retail prices of petrol and diesel, Assocham said
The primary commodity like edible oil, pulses, wheat and vegetables is hurting the common man as it was on this plank the congress government came in power
However, the finance minister stated that he was unable to do anything regarding this matter and he blamed the international monetary situation for this rise in prices
The upward trend of the commodities looks will go on for a long period this time hurting pockets of the common man
Communist party of (Marxist) the coalition partners are of the view that the Government has failed to check the price rise and is working on the behest of few businessmen.
C.P.I.M also reiterated that agrarian crisis persisted; the issue the government has not unaddressed. This agriculture crisis has led to large number of farmer suicides around the country after the announcement of sops as loan waver for the farmers
The main opposition party B.J.P meanwhile launched scathing attack on the government
The meeting of the chief ministers of the BJP ruled states was held at in which the price rise was the focus of discussion.
Rahul Gandhi instead of discovering India, which he could do later in sum better clime, should sit with his party workers and devise a plan to check the inflation otherwise the annoyed voter could put the reelection of his Indian National Congress Party in jeopardy
The party is in dismal condition in U.P. and considering the ambitions of Mayawati the firebrand dalit Leader of Bahujan Samaj Party to contest the next General election on her own does not augur well for his party, as both parties have same voter base. 

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